Join the IDSJ community

A flyer reads: A New Membership Organisation. For researchers and research users. Join us today!

Are you a researcher working on issues of disability and social justice?

Are you an activist who would like to use research to inform your work?

Are you a member of the helping professions, lawyer or policy-maker who would like to use research to inform policy-development, or positive transformation in your practice or legal advocacy?

Are you a disabled person, friend or family member who would like to keep in touch with research on disability and social justice?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes!’, then why not join this new membership organisation!

Who are we?

We are a community who undertake and use research to strengthen social justice for people who experience disabling barriers and/or any form of injustice because of impairment (whether that impairment is actual or as perceived by others, their own experience or somebody else’s e.g. family member). We want to make it easier for researchers and research users to engage with each other and to help ensure that research is ever-more responsive to the needs and desires of disabled people/persons with disabilities and their allies.

Our supporters already include established and early-career scholars in Disability Studies and Disability Law/Rights. These researchers have a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds and work in all corners of the globe.

We are connected to a vibrant range of individuals and organisations from many different countries, who want to be informed by current knowledge and evidence. This includes disability activists, disabled people’s organisations, politicians and policy-makers, equality bodies, lawyers, advocates, businesses, social enterprises and service providers.

Would you like to help build the International Disability and Social Justice Community? If so, please read on.

Why become part of our community?

By becoming a member of the International Disability and Social Justice Community, you will help to:

  • Make research on disability and social justice (published in the International Journal of Disability and Social Justice) freely available and accessible;
  • Bring researchers on disability and social justice into closer conversation with research users;
  • Foster knowledge-exchange and transdisciplinary research, which values the expertise born of lived experience as much as ‘academic’ expertise;
  • Support social innovation;
  • Help ensure the research works better to enhance social justice for disabled people.

By becoming a member, you will receive:

  • Access to mentorship and peer support structures within the Community;
  • Access to the Community’s online annual lecture and other events, including those which are for members only;
  • The chance to contribute actively to Community events and support to develop your own research interest subgroups and peer support networks;
  • The chance to bid for Community funding to support an event you are hosting;
  • A significant discount on selected Pluto Press books.

In the longer term, it is our hope and ambition to develop other membership benefits, although this is only possible with your help and commitment. For example, we would like to use some of our membership funds to provide travel bursaries for early-career researchers (ECRs) and prizes for best article published by an ECR in the International Journal of Disability and Social Justice. We would like to be able to allocate some funds each year to support an organisation run by disabled people to arrange a workshop (or similar). We envisage working with the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA) to provide a bursary to cover essential IT equipment (e.g. a laptop) to researchers who, for their safety, have had to go into exile.

If our members are enthusiastic about this concept then we would like to establish a Time Bank – a system in which one member invests some of their time and expertise in a way that helps another member (e.g. by checking the quality of Easy Read material), in due course ‘cashing in’ on that social investment by receiving time from a different member who has particular expertise in something they need (e.g. training on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities). Such Time Bank systems recognise and value the range of skills, experience and knowledge that all members can offer one another.

We want you to shape membership benefits and help make them happen. By joining us now, you can play a part in our early ‘general meetings’ and have a voice in the development of this organisation.

We welcome academic and non-academic members, including:

  • Researchers of all stages and from all disciplines who work in the broad field of Disability Studies;
  • Disabled people, their organisations and their allies, who work to challenge injustice and build inclusive societies; and
  • Policymakers, businesses and other organisations with commitments to enhancing disability inclusion.

Annual membership fees

Fees are quoted here in £UK, but you will be able to pay in $US or €EU.

Individual membership

If your income is less than £40,000 a year – £15

If your income is £40,000 a year or more – £30

Organisational membership

Disabled People’s or Human Rights Organisations – £50

All other organisations – £100

Whilst we say a ‘large please’ that everyone who can pay a fee does so, we do not want anyone to be excluded from this Community. Therefore, if you cannot afford our membership fees or do not have a bank account, please join the International Disability and Social Justice Community anyway, for free.

How your money will be spent

The International Disability and Social Justice Community and Pluto Journals are not-for-profit organisations. All membership fees will be used for the benefit of the Community and its Journal (the IJDSJ) – with a small proportion being used to set up and support relevant membership administrative systems (which at present are being provided by Pluto Journals). Full financial reports will be made available to members annually.