Volume 3, Issue 3

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Aldersey, H.M. et al (2023) The Role of Community-Based Rehabilitation and Community-Based Inclusive Development in Facilitating Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities Globally

Altermark, N. (2023) Crip Solidarity. Vulnerability as the Foundation of Political Alliances

Steele, L. et al (2023) Listening to People with Intellectual Disability about Institutions

Livingstone, B. et al (2023) Weighing In. Academic Writers on Neurodiversity

Flynn, S. and Feely, M. (2023) A New-Materialist Reading of Disability, Senescence, and the Life-Course

Human Rights Bulletin

Flag of Argentina
Flag of Argentina

Venturiello, M.P. and Cobeñas, P. (2023) The Social Construction of Disability in Argentina: Some Key Points

In Argentina, laws and policies on disability cover various aspects of social life (health, rehabilitation, education, work, among others). Over time, the State has transitioned from a biomedical approach to a rights-based approach to disability and ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol in 2008 (see National Law 26.378). However, structural barriers and non-compliance with regulations have meant that changes proposed by the Convention that are necessary for the dignified lives of persons with disabilities are not being realised. In this Human Rights Bulletin we focus on aspects of the lives of persons with disabilities related to access to health, education and personal assistance. We found that the structural socio-economic inequalities of Argentinean society, together with the expulsion of people with disabilities from the labor market, the devaluation of care and the promotion of the availability of support outside the family environment, make the challenges of guaranteeing the rights of this population part of an ongoing social dispute.

Reviews Section

Mental Health Law in China: A Socio-Legal Analysis, by Bo Chen, 2022. Routledge. 194pp. ISBN-10:9781000573008 ISBN-13:978-1032079066 | Reviewed by Sarah Dauncey.

Front cover of book. Abstract art background, title and author name.
Front Cover of Book ‘Mental Health Law in China. A socio-legal analysis. By Bo Chen. Abstract art background.

“I feel that there is much to commend here, not least the way in which Chen starts with a strong foundation drawn from disability studies. All too often, legal studies of disability and mental health rights and case law are, well, overly legal – they overlook the social, political and historical dimension and the ways in which lived experience of disability and mental ill-health complicates legal frameworks and judicial interpretations. As a scholar of disability studies in China, I very much appreciated the new perspectives Chen was able to bring to his analysis because of his approach”

Sarah Dauncey, University of Nottingham

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