Founding Editor-in-Chief and Chair of Editorial Executive

Editorial Assistant

Angharad E. Beckett (University of Leeds, England)

Christian Harrison (University of Leeds, England)

Photo of Angharad. She is a white, middle-aged woman with fair hair. She is smiling. She is wearing a green shirt and scarf.
Photo of Angharad
Photo of Christian

Executive Editors

International Advisors

Reviews Sub-Editors

Editorial Board

Early Career Researchers

Whilst we have already invited a number of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) onto the Editorial Board, or to be Sub-Editors of our Reviews section, we will continue to work with the Board members to identify additional ECRs to whom an invitation might be extended. We believe that it is important for the long-term success of this publication that we nurture scholars who may, in due course, take on an Executive role for this (or other) journals. Mentoring with regard to review and editorial processes will be available to them.