Supporting the journal

Future Sponsors

As an Open Access, free-to-read journal, we need and value sponsorship. Our publisher, Pluto Journals, has taken all of its journals open access because it believes in the importance of making knowledge freely available. Currently, only a few libraries have (kindly) agreed to provide funds to Pluto Journals to help cover their production (copyediting, typesetting, platform fees etc) costs. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Pluto Journals is currently relying upon support from the Pluto Educational Trust to maintain its operations, and keep its journals running.

If you or your organisation would like to sponsor the IJDSJ we would be enormously grateful. Every contribution is valued. There are two routes to doing this.

Option 1: a sponsorship arrangement can be formally established. Funds will be managed by the University of Leeds, where the Editor-in-Chief and Chair of the Editorial Executive is employed. To discuss this, please contact Professor Angharad Beckett (

Option 2: individual donors can help fund Pluto Journals directly, thus helping the IJDSJ to remain Open Access. Details of the Pluto Journals Crowdfunder (and charitable/non-profit status) can be found here: