Introducing our new Sponsor & Executive Editors

Some exciting developments at the IJDSJ! We are delighted to announce a new relationship with the International Disability Alliance (IDA). IDA will be sponsoring this journal. We are most grateful for their support. Together, we will work to ensure that the IJDSJ is a vehicle for increasing dialogue between researchers and organisations of disabled persons (disabled people’s organisations). We thank them very much for their support.

To further the connection between the IJDSJ and IDA, and in recognition of his expertise as a researcher, leading activist and advocate for disability rights, we have invited Dr Vladimir Cuk, Executive Director of IDA to join the IJDSJ Editorial Executive. We are very happy to announce that Vladimir has accepted our invitation.

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Vladimir is joined by three additional new members of the Editorial Executive – Dr Miro Griffiths MBE (University of Leeds), Dr Beverley Clough (from January 2023, Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University) and Dr Frederic Fovet (Thompson Rivers University), who were all founding members of the IJDSJ’s Editorial Board. We are very happy that they have agreed to join the team who steer and manage this journal. Miro brings expertise in disability policy, activism, youth participation and assistive technology. Beverley (Bev) brings expertise in mental capacity law, critical disability studies and feminist legal studies. Frederic brings expertise in law and inclusive education, accessibility and universal design for learning.

We say a warm welcome to Vladimir, Bev, Frederic and Miro!

We will be announcing new members of our Editorial Board in the New Year 2023.